This guy!
This is LAURA, a twenty something starting a blog after abandoning her former one like it was a used Kleenex because she is flighty and because the bar exam is over and there is nothing left to do but twiddle her thumbs and wait wait wait for the results.  She never calls that other blog either, and now it feels used and cheap.

She writes in the third person on occasion because she learned in law school that it sounds professional and impressive, but this is not one of those times.

She lives in WASHINGTON, DC with her lovely roommate who puts up with her baking (even in the summer when it's already 10,000 degrees outside), blogging, late hours, music selections, projects, online shopping blackouts, and addictions to bacon, caffeine, and bad TV.  All of this, in the most charming apartment in the world, according to that same roommate!

She would like a dog but has an ant problem instead.  This is also part of the apartment's charm.

Join her me us, won't you?