Friday, April 6, 2012


I gave up meat for Lent, and man, has it been hard.  I have an all new respect for vegetarians, specifically the ones who manage to stay so trim.  Imitation meat products (tofurky, tempeh) and other substitute foods (beans, and, uh, beans) are often starchy and carbohydrate-ridden.  I've been turning to bread to fill up, and let me say that three weeks, dozens of bagels, and five extra pounds later, I still want that steak.

My good friend Lizzie recently suggested almond butter to satisfy my appetite since I'm sick of PB.  Better late than never, since it's been almost a full month of substitutes.  So I went off to Trader Joe's for a jar, foolishly ignoring the "unsalted" label.  It tasted like bland, oily nothing.

Undaunted, I turned the MaraNatha brand at Whole Foods--per another Lizzie suggestion--and found God.  (Speaking of whom, see you on Sunday, Big Guy!  Brunch after?  I need bacon.)

I used up the tasteless stuff on this no-flour, no-butter peanut butter cookie recipe, substituting with almond butter, of course.  And in honor of Lizzie, I listened to Lil Wayne while doing it.

Ain't it funny, momma, only son be baking cakes?

*drops mic.*

I'm out.

(Sorry for the lack of in process photos.  My laptop is playing keep away with my files.  Here's a screenshot of what I did take to give you an idea.)

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