Friday, January 13, 2012

Great googly moogly

Do you ever find images on Pinterest, other blogs, or even your own desktop that you can't identify?  It's a real problem for me because I strive to give proper credit for anything I post, and too often I realize that I saved an image without jotting down the original source.

As a happy accident, while dragging yet another orphan image to the trash one day, I hovered over a Google image search which was still open after a vain attempt to discover the source.  To my surprise, it's possible to drop images onto the Google image search bar.  The results not only consist of the most likely match, but also similar images and sites that have featured it as well.  GLORY BE.

Take this crazy dress that I found on Pinterest, sans source.  I can't tell if it's darling or hideous.  Take a moment to decide.

Right now, this is all I know about Crazy Dress, fondly known as "68891069269664276_Es0fbbEx_c.jpg."
 But wait, I can find out more through the magic of Silicon Valley!

It's by Zuhair Murad!

It's been featured on a ton of other sites!

It's out of my price range!  Which is actually okay because I've finally realized how horribly ugly it is, and I feel ashamed for looking at it in the first place.

Alternatively, you can upload the image or paste its URL into Google's search bar.  However, I prefer to drag and drop, it's much zippier.

Thanks, Google!  This almost makes me forgive you for Google+.  Almost.

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