Monday, December 5, 2011

Royal Tannenbaum

As far as I'm concerned, my final bite of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner marks the official start of Christmas.  As with most things, the best part about Christmas is the anticipation, and I plan on enjoying a full month of it.

I wait all year for this holiday, tided only by the unbridled joy of Shark Week, so my roommate and I jumpstarted the countdown on the 1st by getting jacked up on red and green M&M's before driving to Virginia to pick out our tree.  If Christmas is the king of all holidays, the tree is Elvis.

Really, the tree is the triple threat of holiday decor: it looks good, it smells good, it guards all of your loot.  Just try and name one other thing in your life--person, animal, or mineral--that can do all three.

Sure, there's a wreath somewhere in storage and the stockings have been hanging by the chimney with care since 2009, but Christmas prep doesn't fully commence until the tree is trimmed.

I mean, we're just crushing December here in apartment 1.

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