Monday, November 21, 2011


When I was in college, I wrote for our bi-weekly school paper.  I started off with various Arts articles like music reviews and more music reviews, but eventually parlayed it into my own column filled with incessant rambling on my topic of choice.  Nowadays, I have this blog.

My senior year, I decided to write something Thanksgiving related for the issue before the holiday weekend.  I think I was in a rush to start finish it--I had flights and turkey on the mind, after all--so the piece started pretty awkwardly and got worse as the word count mounted.

Here are the parts that I think are still applicable:

I haven’t seen my own family since September.  For that reason, I look forward to Thanksgiving not for the comfort of sleeping in an adult-sized bed, not to collect my winter wardrobe, not even for the food, but for the family bonding.  The delicious, gravy-smothered family bonding.

Look, just because I show up with a fork and knife in hand doesn’t mean my eagerness to return home is selfish.  My parents enjoy feeding me and catching up on my life.   Upon dropping me off this year, they came upon a flyer promoting Sexual Assault Awareness Day.  Events like this help remind them that there was a time in their lives, decades ago, when they too believed that not only would they Increase Awareness of Sexual Assault, but also End War and Eliminate Racism.  Alternatively, my premature bitterness and life goal to Do Laundry reminds them to stay young and, as my father has taken to saying, “keep it real.”

Things have obviously changed since college.  My hair is longer and I no longer have a meal plan.  Also, this year I will be spending Thanksgiving with my boyfriend's family in Ohio.  Not only is this the first time I will be celebrating away from home, without my own family, it's the first time I'm going to meet most of his.  Gulp.

I was told there would be pie.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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