Thursday, October 6, 2011


I'm not a big fan of one-price-fits-all sites where every item costs the same and new styles are released each month.  But I have to give it up to the Olsen twins and their T-shirt club, StyleMint.  Or really, their marketing team.

Apparently, the twins record a monthly video for a "T Moment" contest, and October's Halloween short is both entertaining and interactive.  The video features six trivia questions, and each correct answer gets you one letter closer towards the six character promotional code for 15% off of one item.  But the real reward is the accompanying white girl/Robert Palmer backup victory dances MK & A perform after each question, masked as characters from Batman, South Park, and Star Wars (complete with Starbucks light sabers).  In leather midis and black ankle boots, of course.

And though it's unlikely that the Olsens will actually get my $29.99, at the least, they deserve a high five.

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