Friday, October 28, 2011

DIY vampire pumpkins

Every year around Halloween, grocery stores around the city put out pumpkins just begging to be carved.  As any of you city dwellers know, outdoor space is at a premium for most of us.  Outdoor space that's precisely the perfect climate for a cut pumpkin.  In my case, living on the ground floor makes pumpkin easy targets for nocturnal creepy crawlies.  Rats, people.  Regardless of your neighborhood, all cities have them, and I'm unwilling to spend my time carving a pumpkin only to see gnaw marks on it the next morning.

But these mini fanged pumpkins from Martha Stewart are ideal for small apartments.  There's no unattended candles or risk of pumpkin vandalism, and they stay fresh even indoors.  Plus, the whole project should take you well under ten minutes.

What you'll need:
  • Mini pumpkin, preferably white
  • Plastic vampire fangs (available at seasonal costume shops, but I found mine at the drugstore)
  • Red tipped sewing pins or map tacks
  • Paring knife
  • Spoon

Cut a rectangular opening in your pumpkin with your paring knife, using the vampire teeth as a sizing guide.  This should go without saying, but be careful!  The pumpkin can be quite slippery once it's cut.
Scoop out and discard the seeds to prevent mold growth.

Insert sewing pins as eyes.  (Aaaaahhh!)
Slide teeth into pumpkin's opening.
Better than Twilight.  (I want my two hours back.)

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