Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chess pie

I don't usually have much of a sweet tooth in spite of my love for baking, but today, I had an epic brownie craving like you read about in Epic Brownie Craving Weekly.  The last dessert I hankered after this much was crack pie, so I decided to combine both flavors.

Remember crack pie?  Meet its cousin from below the Mason-Dixon line: chess pie.  Chocolate chess pie to be exact.

The recipe calls for frozen pie crust, but I'm all like, "whatever, frozen pie crust."  Instead, I made one from graham cracker because it only uses butter, not shortening.  If I'm going to fire up the oven (and my apartment) during Indian summer heat, it had better smell like butter.

And chocolate.  I love the scent of baking brownies, and since chess pie has a similar fudgy texture, I decided to make a chocolate version by adding a few ounces of the good stuff to the filling.

Note: I used a basic recipe for the crust but eyeballed a little extra because my tart pan is a little bigger than the standard pie dish.  To make chocolate chess pie, simply add 2 oz. chocolate (melted in a double boiler) to the melted butter before combining with the dry ingredients.

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