Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've owned Bose in-ear headphones since my brother gave me my first pair as a Christmas gift in college.  No competition beats their sound and comfort for the same price.  So in the past four years, even though I've gone through as many pairs, I can't bring myself to change brands despite the non-disposable expense.

At this point, I'm fairly familiar with the Bose warranty and return process, most notably with their somewhat protracted e-mail correspondence.  So now that pair no. 4 has decided that only my right ear deserves to hear 2004 Gwen Stefani, I was inspired by a friend's article to take another route and contact the company through Twitter, @BoseService.

And how'd that work for me?  Let's just say that if you own any products by Bose (and you should), their Twitter team's general efficiency and real-time, human responses are reason enough to create your own handle.

I want to give a huge--and completely personal and unendorsed--shout out to @BoseService, the official Twitter CS account for Bose, for their lightning fast help in resolving my issue and replacing my set.  Take note, other companies, this is what phenomenal customer service is all about.

Technology!  There's nothing like it!  Nothing in the world.

This post is in no way sponsored or promoted by Bose.  This is just me, singing praises for awesome service.

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