Thursday, September 1, 2011

These shoes are made for loafin'

I mentioned earlier that loafers seem to be this year's menswear-inspired shoe trend.  (Isn't it crazy that "menswear-inspired" has somehow worked itself into its own recurring style category, along with other anomalies like "business casual" and "flirty chic"?)

It all started when my roommate tried on the leopard "Bernice" at Barney's CO-OP in Georgetown.  From there, I began to notice that every retailer and designer seems to be carrying their own version of the traditional men's moccasin/smoking shoe/loafer/tuxedo flat/dress slipper, except for women.  And while they are a trendy alternative to my ballet flats, I can't help but picture Scott Disick lounging around in a similar style, which is enough to turn me off anything.

Update (9/26/11): I hope not.

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