Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweet September

Labor Day has come and gone, leaving DC stuck in the vague in-between that's not quite summer, not quite fall.  Before markets replace rows of fresh berries, peaches, and sweet corn with twisted squash and--I don't know--stuff that goes well with short ribs, I'm rushing to maximize my time with seasonal produce before its impending expiration date.

It's like that movie with Charlize Theron.  Or was it the one with Mandy Moore?  Either way, it's totally like those movies except that fruit is the protagonist who won't make it past summer, no one has cancer, and Keanu Reeves is the pumpkin left behind at Whole Foods.

So I made a pie.  (How many of my stories end like this?  Too many.)  A blueberry pie, to be exact.  It was a group effort of sorts: this crust, that filling, and the inspiration to make it in a tart pan.

Now about those short ribs...

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