Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On my list

I've never understood retail timelines.  It's still Indian summer, yet fall clothing is already in stores and even on sale.  Of course, now that DC has just gotten that amazing non-humid, breezy weather that we hear our west coast friends call "year round," Mother Nature and Vogue are telling us to move on already (Wintour is coming).

Yes, fall is my favorite time of year, but the only thing I like more than fall is complaining.  I know, I know, all these #whitegirlproblems!  Yet as each season departs, I find myself left with a lot of wardrobe junk and no money.  And who says life isn't a carnival?

So every year, as the warm weather gives way to chillier temps, I begin to plan my List.

For the past few seasons my roommate and I have compiled lists of items we especially want in order to limit insane impulse purchases like harem pants or heel-less platforms (but she should totally have kept that fur and sequin Phillip Lim coat, right?).

And even though it's still September, she has blazed through her own list with leopard flats, suede ankle boots, red denim, pleated leather, and a camel coat, while I'm still pondering what to eat for dinner (I went with Vietnamese).

In fact, I haven't even completed writing mine, recreated here:

  • Ankle boots
  • More plaid oxford shirts
  • Stripes
  • Pygmy penguin? (check lease)
  • Gummi bears
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Pho or Chipotle for dinner?
  • Call Comcast
  • Job

Here's what I've haphazardly picked up so far, without the help of the List.  My mom was right, I need structure.

Bangles from Etsy and Kate Spade.
Nude J. Crew ballet flats and navy velvet Zara loafers.
And that Vietnamese I went with from the Asian Chipotle.  I should've trusted my instincts and gotten a burrito.

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