Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer hair

Ooh la la.
Ah, summer.  That magical time of year that makes all typically inappropriate behavior suddenly acceptable, even desirable.  Popsicles are perfect for breakfast, one week vacations the norm, and dirty, unwashed hair is miraculously deemed "beachy."

As Refinery29 pointed out this morning in an easy step-by-step guide to three hairdos, braids are the bee's knees this season.  Of course, there are always those that capitalize off of a beauty trend ($45 for knotting my hair?  No thanks), but even an unpracticed hand can make the perfect plait.

Luckily, braids stay together best in hair that isn't squeaky clean, save for intentionally loosened strands.  And the ones featured in the how-to are simple to follow but produce beautifully undone and impressive results.  Check out the slideshow here.

image via Refinery29.

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