Thursday, August 4, 2011

Warby Parker

Contrary to my opthamologist's advice, I rarely remove my contact lenses.  They're in my eyes from the second I wake up to the moment just before bedtime, saving me from the danger of blindly stumbling around my apartment or worse yet, the hideous emergency-only eyeglasses I haven't updated since high school.

Now that Warby Parker has started manufacturing sunglasses in addition to their original optical line, I've decided to treat myself (and someone in need) to not one, but two new pairs of frames.  Warby Parker, whose motto is "eyewear with a purpose," is essentially the TOMS Shoes of the glasses world.  For each pair purchased, the company delivers another to a person without access to vision correction.  Through partnerships with various non-profits, they have already distributed over 50,000 pairs in over 36 countries, yet still manage to keep prices low.  As in, prescription glasses that retail for an unbelievable $95.   For those of you with perfect vision who don't need glasses and thus don't understand the high expenses associated with them, that is an amazing deal for fashionable, high-quality eyewear.  Also, screw you.

What's more is that they deliver, free of charge, five frames of your choice for you to try on with zero commitment to purchase.  I requested the majority from the men's section because I have an abnormally big head and ultimately chose the Striped Chestnut "Zagg" and "Everett" sunnies in Gimlet Tortoise.  In about 10 days, I expect to receive my new pairs and maybe give my poor eyes a break.

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