Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shop victoriously

I've been a little heavy handed bottomed with the baking lately, so brace yourselves, kids, because I'm about to reveal two of my favorite online shopping sources: eBay and Amazon.

Say whaaaa? Isn't this the girl who has Barney's jewelry department bookmarked?

Don't get me wrong, I love Shopbop as much--no, probably more--than anyone else. But unless my hearts* are on sale, there's not enough substance (read: money) between us to sustain a functional relationship. It's all take take take with them.

eBay and Amazon are the sleeper sites for amazing bargains or rare, limited-edition items--no longer just for Beanie Babies and books. The other day, I was able to score a Mulberry tote off eBay for a song. I further compounded this triumph by purchasing my favorite discontinued moisturizer from Amazon. #winning, indeed.

eBay is a treasure trove if you know how to sift through all the crap. Among the Polly Pockets, used clothing, dog toys, and last generation iPods, you can find concert tickets, vintage scarves, and jewelry supplies.

What I can't find on eBay (or can't be bothered to locate among thousands of listings) is almost surely on Amazon. Pre-release of a new cookbook? Check. Notecards on the cheap? Chickity check. That Carmex lip balm in the elusive Fresh Mint flavor (a veritable urban legend) that my boyfriend goes apeshit over and once accused me of stealing from him? How about a box of 12, sucka? Looks like someone's going to have a very happy birthday.

*For those of you who don't speak fluent Shopbop, no, my actual heart isn't for sale. "Hearts" refer to your liked items, tagged in one convenient place for compulsive price checking. Like an online display case for those earrings you keep visiting at Tiffany's. Or that puppy in the window. Or that guy who always gets coffee every day at 3 pm in that Starbucks. You know the one.

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