Friday, January 27, 2012

V-Day prep

As someone who gets sucked into the hype of everything from Top Chef to barre-pilates, it's pretty surprising that I'm not big on the ultimate hype machine: Valentine's Day.   Sure, I like chocolate (dark), flowers (ranunculus), and champagne (dry), but I also like dinosaurs (Apatosaurus) and waterfront property (coastal), and those aren't coming anytime soon.

Valentine's Day is just an overload of excess: too much pressure, too much emoting, too much energy.  So my short-term memory isn't so hot anymore--I still don't need a reminder to love my special someone.

Even on the years that I've had plans, I've shied away from the restaurant scene where couples play a game of chicken with reservations and as to who's more in love.  I may have even tried to fake sick one time.  Cough, cough.
What can I say?  I like to play fast and loose with February 14th.   You know, a DVD (ladies' choice, obviously) and some take-out.

To take lemons and squirt them onto open wounds, for the past few years I've relived my elementary school days and made cards for my perennial Valentines: my friends.  I used my inkjet printer from college and some scalloped cardstock from Paper Source.  Some had quotes from TV sitcoms, some were original, and a few were from the better scenes in When Harry Met Sally.

I plan on keeping the tradition alive this year with a few new designs.
Some past ones:
Click to enlarge.

They're admittedly hostile looking--almost like ransom notes--but I put a lot of love thought into making them.  Of course, if you're going to send something from the heart, it helps to have one.

graphics via MH Jeeves and Kate Spade.

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