Thursday, August 25, 2011

Muffin topped

My boyfriend and I rang in this past new year's eve in Seattle. Why, you ask (although you didn't need to, but it means so much to me that you did)? Because we wanted somewhere cold. Somewhere with good bars and an even better music scene. Somewhere far enough from DC that we wouldn't get sucked into another overhyped event.

Before we left, I bought two guidebooks, with the plan to compare them and return one. Both had the usual tourist highlights--the SAM, Pike Place Market, the Sculpture Garden--but I ultimately settled on Fodors, since it included an extensive list of dive bars. It also billed the Macrina Bakery as a must-see, so we did.

Everything at Macrina was delicious. The ham and cheese dumpling, the cinnamon bun, the Guiness tart my boyfriend bought to go and later ate with his fingers. But the most striking order was the Fresh Fruit Muffin. Light, fluffy, barely sweet, and studded with quartered apricots and whole blackberries. All that--in one muffin! It haunts my dreams.

Thankfully, my Sugar Daddy had the foresight to buy me the cookbook (get it? get it? oh, you guys). I tabbed the recipe with plans to hold out for ripe summer berries, but I had to have my way with it immediately.

I coupled a quart of strawberries with a half-pint of blueberries and a few apricots that my mother gave me after a recent trip home to Maryland. The recipe produced about two dozen muffins, which were quickly dispatched with slathers of salted butter and much crumb catching.

And, days later, when my roommate and I were still finding muffins rolling around the kitchen, they made for quick, tasty snacks when reheated. Which was lucky, because once I tasted them for the second, third, fourth time, I couldn't see myself making it through the week without another. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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